Tesla Model 3 Exploring All Options To Speed Up Deliveries

Dozens of Tesla Model 3 sedans are reportedly being held in this Union Pacific freight depot in Salt Lake City

Tesla has begun building its own car-carrier trailers to help catch up with a Model 3 delivery backlog. But with increasing production numbers, they are now facing logistical problems, one they intend to solve by building their own auto carriers. Earlier this month, Musk acknowledged that the company was facing more logistical problems now than production delays.

'We did it!' Elon Musk, who is also CEO of Space X and The Boring Company, wrote in an email to Tesla employees. When asked about the board's discussions regarding reported investigations from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice and investor lawsuits related to Elon's comments in August about taking the company private, Kimbal said he was unable to share the content of the board's discussions, but said "we're doing all the right things", in response to the reported investigations.

Tesla delivered 18,449 Model 3s in the second quarter (even though it produced in excess of 28,000), and according to Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberrino, it should deliver more than 50,000 this quarter. This comes after the intense pressure being placed on Musk to prove that the company can deliver its promises. "But if we work really hard I think maybe we can do that in about 3 years", Musk added, saying it depended on both time and scale. Tesla owners who get a friend to buy one are granted free supercharging for life. First, the company opened up sales to anyone.

Tesla finally hit its production numbers of 5,000 Model 3's per week this past summer and it seems as though its deliver process is lagging behind, unable to keep up with Tesla's assembly line output. There weren't enough vehicles on site at the Fremont factory, so Tesla started giving short delivery timelines to customers who came but didn't get their auto.

According to Reuters, the electric vehicle manufacturer is now upgrading its delivery logistics system after it managed to jump over the production hurdles.