Timberwolves’ Steep Price For Jimmy Butler Hinders Trade Talks

Report: Heat at top of Jimmy Butler's trade wish list

Butler has yet to attend a Timberwolves workout and wants to sit out until the franchises executes a trade for him.

The Heat enter '18-19 with a almost identical roster as last season, when they went 44-38 to secure the No. 6 seed. Butler can become a free agent in July, and teams recognize that he's already asked for a trade from Minnesota and a coach that he's enjoyed a long, prosperous and close relationship with - and Butler could be a risk to leave them in summer free agency.

Jimmy Butler has told the Minnesota Timberwolves that he desires a trade to the Miami Heat.

One can only hope that the next team doesn't have to give up so much for Butler, especially in a contract year. Taylor might step in and demand his front office take the best deal in order to put this situation to bed, while an interested team might sweeten its offer to make sure it gets Butler.

Until something does happen with Butler though, all focus will remain on training camp in Hawaii, where the Clippers will face off against the Sydney Kings on Sunday, September 30.

The whack-a-mole nature of the Butler trade rumors suggest Minnesota has set a moving target in trade talks, holding up a potential trade for a player who wants to leave immediately. Now, Miami with cap space to pay Butler long-term could be the favorite. The Timberwolves would fulfill Butler's wish and relieve the negative tension that has been plaguing them throughout the process.

All trades have gone through the ESPN trade machine and contractually work out evenly.