Woodward's 'Fear' Can't Stay on Shelves

New book alleges chaos in Trump White House

Woodward, who does not name his sources but apparently had extensive access to many White House insiders, describes some of Trump's top aides and cabinet members as having deep disdain for him.

"It was clear that Trump did not understand the way the US government debt cycle balance sheet worked", Woodward wrote.

Woodward relies on confidential sources, but has meticulously reconstructed moments with documents and recorded interviews. Woodward also writes that Trump refused to send any additional aid.

This, during a conversation on Afghanistan, during which Trump also said, according to Woodward, that Modi told him the U.S. had "gotten nothing out of Afghanistan". "He's called this 'fraudulent, '" Guthrie said to Woodward. "I think you buried the lede", Colbert scolds Woodward.

"In the Central Intelligence Agency, they tell people to 'let the silence suck out the truth, ' so, just be quiet and and people want to talk", he added.

Woodward said the book reveals shocking details about the inner-workings of Donald Trump's administration, but the most shocking parts are centered around the president's willingness to break with long-standing policy traditions.

According to the book, Cohn, who stepped away from the White House this April, responded to Trump's unbelievable request, telling him that "You don't get to do it that way", and that "We have huge deficits and they matter. It gives a date, it gives a time, who participates, most often the president himself and what he says", Woodward said.

In a statement last week, Mattis called the book "fiction" and said that "the contemptuous words about the president attributed to me in Woodward's book were never uttered by me or in my presence". Instead, Sanders said just the notion the unidentified official may be involved in national security matters was grounds enough to launch a probe. Dems can't stand losing.

Simon & Schuster, the publishing company behind Bob Woodard's upcoming book, is reportedly printing one million copies of the White House tell-all to keep up with the "extraordinary demand". "Even more than that, what do we get from protecting Taiwan, say?" The tweets attracted widespread attention and concern - "the Internet lost its collective mind", as Woodward wrote in his book. "This is a war on truth by [Trump]", Woodward claimed.

He said the book was "the product of someone's rich imagination".

The news outlet reports that he also suggested that the Justice Department investigate who penned the op-ed, adding that the "resistance" inside the White House that the author claimed was active was "subverting the will of the people".