World of Final Fantasy Maxima Coming to Switch in November

‘Final Fantasy VII,’ ‘IX,’ And ‘X’ Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

That has changed, as the recent September 2018 Nintendo Direct revealed that almost all of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2-era Final Fantasy games will soon release for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, with Square Enix bringing these Final Fantasy titles to the Xbox One, it makes one wonder if the Japanese publishing giant will bring other titles to the Microsoft's console in the future.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD is out now.

Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief, dropped the news on the Xbox Wire website and has announced that a collection of Final Fantasy titles will be coming to the Xbox One over the coming few months.

Alongside the previously announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster, we're also getting the remastered versions of X, X2 and XII, an enhanced version of World of Final Fantasy subtitled Maxima, as well as VII and IX in their semi-original forms.

FF8 is available on PS3 and PSP, and you can snag the old PC version on Steam, but as Square ports its games to new platforms, Final Fantasy 8 has been ignored. In many cases, this is the first time these games have been available on Nintendo hardware.

When SquareEnix's Hajime Tabata joked that Final Fantasy XV might come to Nintendo's hybrid portable, fans bought into the hype. It's now becoming the black sheep of the Final Fantasy family, having not been remastered for mobile hardware like its late-90s brethren have been.