Brett Kavanaugh could have big impact early on Supreme Court

Demonstrators protest against Kavanaugh in front of the Supreme Court

The president told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House as he left for a speech in Florida that House Democrats are "thinking about impeaching" the new Supreme Court justice if they take over control of the lower house of Congress next month.

The US president said Mr Kavanaugh was "caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats", adding: "It was all made up, it was fabricated, and it's a disgrace".

The Kavanaugh confirmation has blown open the midterm elections from being a national referendum on Trump's stewardship to a raw emotional discussion over the lack of women in power and how to handle sexual misconduct allegations.

Avenatti is carrying on his own dalliance - with the prospect of running for president in 2020 - but some Republicans believe his attachment to the most implausible allegations against Kavanaugh tainted the more credible ones.

"I think there's no question that the tactics have energized our base like we were unable to do before this", the Kentucky Republican said.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accepted his nomination and was ceremonially sworn in to his position on the federal bench by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy at the White House on Monday.

Trump, throughout the day, insisted Kavanagh would not be tainted by the sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford and others that almost tanked his nomination, declaring he was "100 percent" certain his nominee was innocent.

To Democrats, Kavanaugh's ascent to the Supreme Court in spite of decades-old sexual misconduct allegations will only deepen the party's pull with female voters, including independents and moderates who may have previously voted for Republicans.

His appointment is for life and he will strengthen conservative control of the nine-judge court, which has the final say on U.S. law. Both Kavanaugh and Judge have denied Swetnick's allegations. "That is who I am". Trump also said any effort to impeach the Supreme Court judge, Kavanaugh, would be an insult to the American people. I noticed one of the the Democratic senators said if they got back control of the Senate this year they would just not do any judges the next two years.

More recently, Democrats have cast doubt on Kavanaugh's account of his drinking while a teenager, an issue that came up repeatedly during a Senate hearing that included testimony from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of drunkenly assaulting her while they were in high school.

Midterm elections usually go badly for a sitting USA president's party but here too, Trump is a wildcard and the first signs are polls showing Republican strength in the Senate forecasts.

"The crowd in front of the US Supreme Court is tiny, looks like about 200 people (& most are onlookers) - that wouldn't even fill the first couple of rows of our Kansas Rally, or any of our Rallies for that matter!" Democratic lawmakers, like Booker, are hoping to channel that anger into votes.

Trump also pointed to television footage of protesters outside the Capitol, and said their numbers paled in comparison to the thousands of supporters awaiting him in Kansas. "A total coward." The Arizona Republican, who is retiring, voted for Kavanaugh. "She was very good in many respects". "I was assaulted when I was younger and I didn't tell anybody".