Melania Trump visits Africa

The Oguahene's palace was quiet when Melania Trump visited Source Facebook

United States First Lady Melania Trump is expected in Kenya on Friday as part of her first solo worldwide trip as FLOTUS.

"The growth and success of a country starts with educating our children", said First Lady Melania Trump.

United States First Lady Melania Trump on Friday morning began her activities in Kenya after jetting in from Malawi on Thursday night.

Melania also took a tour of the site of an ivory burn - mounds of ivory ash set up to discourage poachers - and saw impala, zebras and giraffes along the way.

The final stop on her tour will be Egypt.

Melenia Trump's visit to Africa could be made hard because of the past actions and words of her husband President Donald Trump reportedly used a vulgar and insulting term to describe African nations. "Meeting those children and understanding their different way of life is why I wanted to travel here", Mrs Trump said.

"I think her "Be Best" project will benefit our children, which in turn will benefit our country".

The New York Times noted Mrs Trump spent much of her time expressing her appreciation to her hosts, repeatedly thanking them for welcoming her.

Her visit has included promoting the work of the US Agency for International Development, whose funding her husband has twice proposed slashing by almost a third.

The two first ladies are expected to work on a plan that will see the two initiatives complement each other.

The First Lady later visited an orphanage, where she played with babies and read a book to the young children, before heading to watch a dance performance at the Nairobi National Theatre.

It didn't take long for the typically reserved USA first lady to dive fully into the moment.

The US First Lady is now in Malawi on a tour focusing on promotion children's welfare.

But there were signs of protest, too, as President Trump is not unanimously seen as a friend of Africa. As CNN reporter Kate Bennett tweeted, a small group of protesters - who may or may not have been Americans living near the US embassy - held up signs with #MeToo-inspired slogans as Trump drove past.