New 'Black Mirror' Is Coming This Year, and the Details Are Nuts

Black Mirror netflix

Producers of interactive TV are hoping Netflix's growing investment is a sign that their time in the spotlight is approaching.

With the fifth season coming soon, though, the "Black Mirror" team is expected to deliver even better episodes than ever before - with the news that has come out today, it's clear they are taking those expectations very seriously.

Black Mirror has always walked on the cutting edge of suspense, brandishing its signature style of technology-centric horror stories. Using the feature in a high-profile show like Black Mirror shows that the streaming service is serious about exploring it as a storytelling option.

Viewers will get to choose their own storylines in one episode of the upcoming season of Black Mirror, the Emmy-winning science-fiction anthology series.

As Bloomberg notes, Netflix has already begun experimenting with choose-your-own-adventure programming, such as last year's Puss in Book, which tasks viewers with deciding whether or not the titular Puss in Boots should fight a god or a tree.

Applying the same structure to its adult content is more challenging, given the greater complexity of scenarios, but Netflix reportedly plans to debut these specials by the end of the year.

Among Netflix's main competitors, HBO beat the streaming giant to prestige interactive television previous year with Mosaic, an interactive murder mystery by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. Though, considering we're talking about Netflix and 'Black Mirror, ' it seems it would be impossible for the experience to not be as thrilling and exciting as we are expecting it to be.

It also states that Netflix is planning to develop two popular video games.

While many TV viewers have voted for candidates in reality programs like "American Idol" and "The Voice", no narrative TV show that asked viewers to engage with the plot has become a big hit. The show will follow in the game's footsteps, giving viewers the chance to decide how the story will progress.