Two men claim responsibility Christine Blasey Ford assault

Chuck Grassley chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

The fresh allegations include a claim by a woman that Brett Kavanaugh "assaulted a woman he was dating in 1998 while working for independent counsel Ken Starr", according to the complaint.

The letter reads, "when he [Brett Kavanaugh] was author of the Starr Report, my daughter (from Boulder Colorado) occasionally socialized with Brett Kavanaugh". Kavanaugh will testify later, after her session is over. She is the third woman to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct.

The anonymous constituent said his friend was assaulted "by two heavily inebriated men she referred to at the time as Brett and Mark", according to the committee.

Another accuser, Deborah Ramirez, came forward to say Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during their freshman year at Yale University. In retrospect, I said and did things in high school that make me cringe now.

Grassley and the panel's top Democrat, Sen. And even if we did, we'd have no way to investigate the allegation as it was made anonymously and can not be corroborated. They came forward in the wake of a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape that was released in October 2016 in which he is caught saying on a hot mic: "And when you're a star, they let you do it".

Kavanaugh has again categorically denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusations "Ridiculous".

Ms Ford will testify first at the hearing, which starts at 10am (3pm United Kingdom time) and at her request is being held in a small hearing room that seats only a few dozen spectators. "And no, I've never done anything like that".

This new accusation is the fifth made against Kavanaugh: three others of a sexual nature and one of physical assault. He also called the Democrats' tactics "the most unethical sham".

"These are human beings, with families and children, people who love them and people who they love and live for, and each is suffering through a very ugly process we have created", Flake said.

"I thought he might inadvertently kill me", Ford recalled in the article.

With the high-stakes hearing for his Supreme Court nominee underway, President Donald Trump is meeting with diplomats at the United Nations. They hope for a roll call by the full Senate early next week with the aim of getting him on the court as its new term begins.