Windows 10 users lost their files after updating

Microsoft Pulls October Update, Windows Server 2019 Missing as Well - Petri

Microsoft has rolled back the Windows 10 October 2018 Update aka version 1809 from the Microsoft download portal and Windows Update site. If you have already upgraded and find that your files are missing, Microsoft recommends you contact their support hotline at 1-800-MICROSOFT.

It appears that there could be another issue with the October 2018 Update for Windows 10 - alongside the Intel CPU flaw we recently highlighted - and it's a nasty one, potentially involving the loss of user data. Users posted on their social medias and forums that files such as documents, music and photos are erased. They believe that documents and folders that are marked for synchronization with the cloud somehow "lost" after installing the October Update. Numerous reports in Feedback Hub, Microsoft's bug-reporting tool for Windows 10, complain of data deletion after installing preview releases. The biggest problem is at the moment that Windows 10 decides that it is necessary to restart itself, often not respecting the will of the users.

The Windows 10 October 2018 update includes edge intelligence with machine learning, industrial strength security, new silicon options, and more monetization models for distributors and sellers for enterprise IoT projects.

The October 2018 Update is one of Microsoft's regular feature updates to the Windows 10 operating system, bringing many new features and changes to its flagship operating system.

That said, only a few Windows users are facing the problem since the company took appropriate action immediately after the reporting. This is specifically happening with Version 1809, which is slowly rolling out to every Windows 10 computer right now. Here are some of the new capabilities you can expect in this surprisingly feature-packed release. In case of any problem during the update, Windows rolls back to the previous version and uses these files. That means that freely available third-party software like Recuva may be able to recover them for you.