About Us

Stay On The Black is an individual’s situated option daily paper situated in US that was considered from the general population's chronicled substances and is guided by their voices and encounters. It rose up out of the very much-perceived idea that the center of a free press depends on "subjective and investigative" reporting. Guaranteeing this is key for adding to an educated open that settles on dependable choices on issues that influence all circles of life. Besides, affirms that it is free of government impact, and is NOT related or identified with any vested political gathering or political group or business media intrigues. Stay On The Black maintains its publication independence while empowering and fortifying the general population's flexibility of expression as an impetus in the democratization process. Stay On The Black recognizes and regards the force of popular assessment and its capacity to defend majority rule space with the possibility to develop fundamental strategy definition and choice making procedures. Along these lines, advances building up a basic cognizance that can prepare popular sentiment into taking fitting activities that will introduce a transformational time where manageable majority rule government and Peace can flourish.